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Welcome to Fresh February!

This weekend brings around the annual celebration of love.

Some write this day off as a commercial stunt (including myself, not a huge fan of PDAs or tacky cards that sing ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’ by Elton and Kiki), but according to my google search, Valentines Day has been around since the year 496!!

It seems to have originated from a Roman festival that took place in mid February to celebrate the start of Spring and was linked with fertility, following from nature I guess. Apparently they would pair off men and women in some sort of lottery! As for kissing, it is reported that Romans used human and animal urine as mouthwash to remove stains, thus some form of historic whitening! Even though their teeth were very healthy (due to the lack of sugar in their diet), there was no need for tooth brushes, so with this taken into account, I’m not certain kissing would have been a particularly pleasant experience…

Today our diet is massively different but we have access to great oral health professionals and a market that is brimming with new ideas and ways to keep your mouth healthy, fresh and sparkling. However, Periodontitis or Gum disease is something we come across often. It is prevalent in Australian society but easily avoidable and can be reversed if treated properly! Bad cases can lead to tooth loss and further health issues. This is why we find it a topic of conversation so regularly.

Remember, regular visits to your hygienist will remove problem bacteria and plaque, and checkups with your dentist should catch any problems early on.

This way you will be set to pucker up with fresh breath and a winning smile!

Have a great weekend...

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Dr Mark and the team at New Farm Dental Studio

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