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Due to Government restrictions, New Farm Dental Studio is sad to say we have had no choice but to close our doors for the coming months. For us, it’s time to bunker down, but rest assured we will not be switching off during this tough time!

Important info

We will be able to open the clinic for EMERGENCIES ONLY. If you are in pain from infection, or have suffered dental trauma, please call us on 3254 3222 or email us. Dr Mark will be available to call you back.

Should it be necessary to re-open the practice there will be an upfront $300 charge, in addition to your treatment. Unfortunately this charge is essential to cover the cost of bringing in support staff under the Australian Government’s level 3 restrictions.

What happens now?...

Get ready for us…. From our virtual dental studio, we will be keeping you informed with information and ideas to keep your oral health in tip top condition!

Cleaning teeth and gums properly will be top of our list, especially for patients with ongoing gum disease and those who are immunocomprimised. We have plenty of tips to keep those teeth squeaky clean and fend off nasty bacteria. We already know that when bad bacteria is allowed to sit it can, overtime, lead to further health problems. In the current pandemic we do not want to put any additional stress on our immune systems.

We are also working on tailored dental info packs for those who have ongoing care.

In short, we are pumped to face this down time with a productive and proactive attitude that we hope will educate and uplift you, to continue on route to healthy gums and teeth!

Something for the parents...

We believe we have devised an ingenious plan to help you navigate the journey of loose teeth, while finding entertainment for the kids during the isolation.

Loosing a first tooth can be especially scary for some children, while others take it in their stride, some even willing their tooth to fall out!

However, there is a common denominator amongst them all - they seem fascinated by the tooth fairy.

So, if your child’s tooth falls out make a quick video or photo showing your child with their new gap and the evicted tooth! We will make a big deal about it, making them feel super special and value their tooth on camera. Don’t worry you can tell us how much you are willing to pop under the pillow before we place the valuation.

We will send out a TOOTH VALUATION CERTIFICATE via post, which they can redeem when they come for their next check up and clean, compliments of the tooth fairy!

Send your photos/videos to us by emailing or send us a message on the Facebook page @newfarmdentalstudio.

We will share some chosen pics on #toothfairyvaluation so be creative ;-)

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