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We have all made sacrifices over the past few months, maybe you stopped your visits to the gym, taking your kids to school, or meet ups with your friends. Others have lost holidays, and some their jobs and businesses.

A few months back I was struggling to understand why people were still out queueing for coffee, or browsing the shops at Kmart, whist we were trying to piece together ways to keep our livelihood in tact and support our staff. I found it bizarre, but then I stumbled across a post online. It read ‘We are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat.’ I suddenly realised we are all affected differently, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult. To some, a gym visit is key to their mental health and routine (the same could be argued for homeschooling parents and their coffee!). For others, a trip to the shops offered a sense of normality for those who still had money to spend.

Every change a person has made has helped Australia to keep COVID-19 numbers very low and it seems, as things slowly return to normality that we are getting back to business as usual. However, there are a few changes we can make now to help our country get back stronger than ever. Small businesses are doing it tough. Many have been cut off at the knees for months and even with government help, they still need your support.

According to Business Queensland (government website), Queensland is home to 445,000 small businesses (those employing under 20 people). We make up 97% of all business state wide! If a large percentage of these go under that will affect all of us in a big way.

There are huge benefits to choosing small, local businesses over large corporates. Local business owners care, spending time and effort on their business, products and services, creating jobs for local people, and supporting the local economy.

Why not swap out a few trips to the larger stores for the local toyshop or bookstore?

New Farm Dental Studio is amongst those 445,000 small businesses. We love being able to personally get to know our clients and spend time chatting to you so that we can best understand what you need from us. We use the best quality materials because Dr Mark is not only the business owner but also your dentist.

Sadly, and to avoid confusion, we have to inform you that we are not part of, and never have been connected with Maven Dental, a large corporate chain of practices. In these difficult times a google ad has been running with New Farm Dental Studio as the header, and a link back to the New Farm branch of Maven. Dr Mark Calvert has no connection with any corporate chain. We are a stand alone independent family run business.

Thanks for your support! We look forward to welcoming more of you back in as we move forward into the next few months of 2020.

Dr Mark and the team at New Farm Dental Studio :-)

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