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Happy Australia Day!

This month we welcomed in the new year with not only excitement and motivation but an air of sadness too. The devastation caused by the ongoing bush fires is nothing short of shocking, but in the midst of the tragedy is such hope. People coming together to help in anyway they can, reminds us how wonderful humanity can truly be. And just as the celebration of Australia Day approaches we see our nation unite through the chaos.

Changing the tone completely, celebrations of a different kind will be happening all over Queensland this week as the kids go back to school. Parents everywhere begin to sing with excitement, but wait!… It’s time to dust off those lunch boxes and board the never ending lunch box train once again.

So what can we do? Remember to try and avoid sugary foods where possible - we know its a struggle but you will thanks us in the long run. Here are some tips to avoid mundane munchies and tooth troubles...

Why not break the mould and ditch the humble sandwich. Bread is full of hidden sugars along with yoghurts, ready made pasta sauces and mayo!

Why not mix it up and prepare a homemade pasta dish or a burrito bowl.

Just ask Google ;-) There are some wonderful healthy recipes for lunch boxes ideas.

A quick search brought me to a few of these tasty alternatives:

cheesy pasta bites - mac 'n' cheese balls.

rainbow wraps - grated veggies of all colours in a simple wrap.

vegetable nuggets - swap the processed chicken for something a little healthier.

pumpkin frittatas - great for getting in the protein.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to get the kids in for a check up over the holidays why not give us a call on 3254 3222, so we can check those tiny teeth and gums making sure they start the year fresh and clean!

Wishing you all a wonderful Australia Day...

Dr Mark and the team at New Farm Dental Studio x

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