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Tricks to treat...

It’s here again!

The only time of year it’s ok to get dressed in rags and head out looking like death. We attach warts to our faces, drip blood from our mouths, and even stain our teeth yellow and black!! Your friends will even comment on how great you look! Yes, this is my kinda day. On this day it’s a case of ‘the uglier the better’.

As we head out into the dark night dressed in our finest, we gorge ourselves on buckets filled with lollies and carve freaky faces into giant vegetables we have taken all year to grow.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from having kids - it’s that they LOVE Halloween AND lollies. It’s a match made in kiddy heaven (and unfortunately teeth hell)!

We all know that sugar isn’t great for us, but man do we crave it! So, here’s some easy tricks to limit the sugar rush and protect those teeth so they may stay strong for many halloweens ahead...

Tricks Treats to try

Baby pumpkins

This couldn’t be easier. Simply grab a mandarin and draw a pumpkin face on it. Your welcome!

Juicy Witch

An alternative to the toffee apple. Substitute the toffee coating for a mini witches hat (attached with a toothpick).


Pop a handful of green grapes in a jar, top with a layer of black grapes. Add some sticky eyes and a scar to the outside.

Pumpkin guts

Ever carved out the pumpkins insides and chucked them away? Instead, separate out the seeds and spread them on a baking tray. Add a sprinkle of salt and bake in the oven until crisp. Yum! (FYI separating the seeds ca be pretty messy so have a sink nearby ;-))

Zombie mouth isn’t a great look but we all know there will be sugar in the mix too, so lets help stave off zombie teeth...

1) Drink water to rinse sugar from the mouth and teeth.

2) It’s best to eat your stash in one go! This way your mouth only gets the one hit, rather than a prolonged intake over a few days.

3) Drop in to see us at New Farm Dental Studio and collect a free toothpaste to keep those teeth in tip top condition.

Now you can feel confident to tackle the sugar monster as it comes to life.

Have a FANGTASTIC time, Happy Halloween!

(Free toothpaste for anyone wanting to drop in. No appointment necessary. Find us upstairs next to Ella Bache).

New Farm Dental Studio - 3254 3222

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