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Taking a trip?

Congratulations to all the mums and dads out there who have made it half way through the school holidays already! Keep pushing through people, this week will be a tough one as the boredom really sets in!

Joking aside (wink, wink!), many of you will be looking forward to spending some precious family time together during the break and may be heading away for a holiday, you lucky things.

It’s such a hectic time getting organised for a holiday, especially when you are packing for everyone else too, but had you thought about adding that check up appointment to the list?

It’s a very common problem for happy travellers to get caught out with tooth issues whilst away. They find themselves in pain and frustrated that they cannot simply pop into see their dentist, thus putting a dampner on the holiday itself. Now, obviously emergencies cannot be foreseen, but issues such as tooth ache, a loose crown or the like can be easily avoided by making a quick trip to the dentist or hygienist before you leave.

We will check that everything is looking as it should be and give that that super smile a good clean ready to face the week ahead.

You can then be safe in the knowledge that you are free to enjoy the good life with no little surprises cropping up!

Call in to see us upstairs at Merthyr Village. 3254 3222.

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