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Don't suffer in silence with Dental Anxiety.

Here at New Farm Dental Studio we treat a wide range of people, and every one is different. You are an individual and that is why we tailor every dental healthcare plan.

There has been a big movement recently bringing mental health to the forefront. Taking it from taboo to tabloid. We all excel in certain situations and others we find difficult. When this stress becomes too much it can alter the way we behave and physical effects such as sweating, shaking, feeling light headed etc become noticeable. This can be when normal anxiety turns into an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety manifests itself in many different situations, work anxiety, social anxiety, health anxiety and in this case, dental anxiety. This is a real issue for some of our patients, people in Brisbane, and across the world.

There are many reasons why you may suffer from dental anxiety. It could be that you have had a previous traumatic experience, are worried about the invasion of personal space, embarrassed about your dental health, or you may suffer from depression or PTSD?

If not addressed, dental anxiety can become a vicious cycle. Finding excuses to put off appointments or avoiding seeing the dentist altogether means early signs of dental problems are missed. Small problems may grow and become uncomfortable prompting an emergency trip to see a professional, which elevates the level of stress further.

So how can we help?…

We are here to accomodate you in any way we can. Dr Mark and the team at New Farm Dental Studio will not judge you, we are here to make your visit as stress free as possible.

Before you come…

  • It’s best to communicate your fears on the phone.

  • Why not visit the practice and meet our friendly dental team before hand so you know what to expect on arrival? Dr Mark Calvert will happily have you in for a chat.

On the day try to keep yourself as calm as possible…

  • Make your appointment at an early time so you are not thinking about it all day.

  • Play music

  • Slow your breathing

  • Think of a reward you can treat yourself to afterwards. We have many delicious cafes downstairs!

  • Why not bring a friend or family member for support (you will probably need someone to share that treat with!)

At the appointment…

  • We will not keep you waiting. We try to keep all our appointments on time.

  • Dr Mark and his dental assistant will make you comfortable.

  • He will talk you through the process step by step alleviating any concerns you may have. He has many years experience and a reputation for being understanding and gentle.

  • We will offer you the perfect distraction as the treatment begins. Our patients can choose to watch any show or movie on our Netflix overhead monitor! or listen to your choice of music.

  • We offer painless injections using The Wand, a state of the art local anaesthetic technique, and we have nitrous oxide available for patients who really feel they need it. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide takes effect quickly and wears off with no lasting side effects.

You are not alone so please don’t suffer in silence. Call or pop in to see us anytime!

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