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Getting less than your 40 winks?

Is your other half keeping you up at night?...and I mean not in a good way!

We are talking fidgeting, snoring and generally irritating the bejesus out of you?

We may be able to help...

Good sleep is vital for our health, enabling us to thrive during the day. However many of us are suffering from a lack of sleep, and in some cases, wider health problems due to something called SLEEP APNOEA.

When the body and muscles relax at night, the soft tissue in the mouth falls back into the throat blocking the airway. This can happen partially (snoring) or completely (deadly silent), and causes a lack of oxygen in the blood, which then signals the brain to wake up, therefore allowing us to take a breath again.

This can happen 100's of times throughout the night leaving us feeling exhausted when we wake. The body simply isn't getting enough rest!

Previous treatment of Sleep Apnoea has involved wearing bulky equipment throughout the night but now we have a much more patient friendly device available. Dr Mark Calvert has a keen interest in this area, and in his experience, has seen great results.

So what are the signs and symptoms?


choking or gasping during the night

daytime tiredness

morning headaches

waking with a dry mouth/sore throat



If this sounds like you or your loved one, why not come in for a chat with Dr Mark or Dr Arthur Walsh to see how we can help.

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