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Let's Talk Baby Teeth

Just listen to the ooh's and ah's when those first two little teeth pop through and send that baby smile into "off the scale" cuteness factor. They sure do look adorable but what's the deal with baby teeth? Shortly after they arrive, having caused many a sleepless night, they check out and head off to the land of the tooth fairy never to be seen again.

Well, they do in fact play a very important role in your childs development. Not only do they help your baby to move onto solids, but they are key in the development of her mouth and speech.

Your baby's teeth are creating a space for the eventual growth of his adult teeth. They are basically calling dibs on their turf. Just like the person in the cafe sitting at the last remaining table with no food waiting for their friend to get lunch, whilst you're stood waiting with a tray full of hot chips and spilling drinks and nowhere to sit! I digress.

These baby teeth are making sure there will be plenty of room for the adult teeth to grow into, avoiding overcrowding.

So why is this so important? Teeth play a huge part in the development of our speech. Certain letters and sounds such as V, F, ch, use the teeth to create the correct noise. How? The mouth is made up of different parts that work together to create our speech. The tongue, lips, cheeks, vocal chords and our favourite, the teeth. The way the teeth are spaced within the mouth has a great impact on the sounds ie. if the teeth are crowded it would alter the interactions between the teeth and the tongue, lips and cheeks, therefore creating a difference in the sound.

So make sure you take good care of those cute baby teeth. They may be little but they hold great power!

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