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First impressions are everything. You will judge someone based on their appearance within 15 seconds of meeting them, and in turn they will do the same to you. Yes, reality is harsh, but research proves a person who smiles freely is more likely to be held in high regard. It really is your magic weapon... your super power. Smiling makes you appear warm, confident, more attractive and approachable. It has also shown, again and again, that people who smile often have higher self esteem and a happier life!

Smiling releases endorphins into the body and induces more pleasure in the brain than chocolate! It is contagious, so if you smile often you will probably be surrounded with, (and in the words of REM) shiny happy people having fun!

So what happens when we are not happy with our smile? Today's beauty concious society is saturated with images of the perfect body, the perfect face and the perfect smile. Like it or not, the 'perfect' smile portrayed is one of straight teeth, beaming white like a searchlight in the night!

Those of us that are not blessed with the perfect smile can feel inferior and self conscious which leads to lower self esteem and in some cases, depression. You may try to hide your smile, covering it with your hands, a scarf, a bouquet (yes I once photographed a wedding where the bride hated her teeth), or you may just make the decision not to smile at all. Just imagine the impact on your life if you 'couldn't' smile?

Reveal your super power, laugh loud and SMILE SMILE SMILE!

Visit your dentist for a chat to see how they can work with you to create a smile you will be proud of. Or book in for a chat at New Farm Dental Studio on 3254 3222.

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