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How much do you know about spit?

Q. How much saliva does your mouth make every day?

A. 2 to 4 pints

Glands in your mouth are busy oozing spit all day long. they're on the inside of each cheek, on the bottom of your mouth and under your jaw. Want to get an idea of how much saliva you make? Two to 4 pints is the same as spitting into 4-8 cups a day and filling them to the top!

Q. You need spit to taste food?

A. True

Without the slippery stuff in your mouth, you couldn't enjoy the sweetness of strawberries or the tartness of lemonade. A dry tongue can't taste food. It needs saliva.

Q. It's okay to put your baby's pacifier in your mouth to clean it?

A. False

The pacifier has fallen and there's no sink in sight. What do you do? If you're like some parents, you stick it in your mouth to wipe it clean. but the American Dental Association says it's not a good idea. Adult saliva may have bacteria that cause cavities. You can pass them on to your little one when he or she takes the pacifier back.

Q. Spit cleans the inside of your mouth?

A. True

Saliva does a lot of things. It makes food easier to swallow and helps you digest it. It also rinses your teeth and cleans your mouth. Keep brushing, flossing and using mouthwash though. Spit isn't enough to keep your mouth healthy.

Q. How much of your spit is made of water?

A. Nearly all of it

More than 99% of saliva is water. The rest of it is minerals, proteins and other things that help your mouth fight off infections and stay healthy.

Q. Drooling a little in your sleep is normal?

A. True

Have you ever woken up in a pool of drool? Relax, it's pretty common. Here's why: saliva keeps your mouth wet, but you also swallow a lot. The spit goes into your stomach. At night, the part of your body that controls swallowing slows down a little, so your spittle can end up on your pillow.

Q. Your mouth makes less spit when you chew gum?

A. False

Want to do something good for your pearly whites? Try sugarless gum. When you chew, your mouth makes more saliva. That helps wash away acids that can cause decay and other problems with your teeth.

Q. Your spit can reveal

A. Your age

Keep a lid on your saliva if you're bashful about your age. Scientists at UCLA found out how old people were using only saliva samples. Their work could help police catch bad guys. For instance, detectives could find out how old a crook is if he left spit on a coffee cup.

Q. If you cut your finger, it's okay to lick your wound?

A. False

Your mouth isn't as clean as you may think. It has lots of bacteria that aren't on your skin. If you cut your finger on a kitchen knife, use water to clean it. You could get an infection if bacteria from your mouth gets into a cut.

Q. If your mouth is dry, you can buy fake spit?

A. True

Does your mouth feel like a cotton ball all the time? You may not make enough saliva. Dry mouth can be painful and can cause bad breath. Artificial saliva, which you can get at pharmacies, can help. It won't cure your dry mouth, but it might make you feel better.

Q. Vampire bat saliva has something in it that?

A. Thins blood

Bat saliva has a protein that stops blood from clotting, as bats feed on other creatures. Scientists are looking at whether a drug based on that protein would work as a clot-buster for people who've had strokes.

Q. This can help people who drool too much?

A. Botox

People with Parkinson's disease, ALS, or other conditions can have problems with drooling. Doctors sometimes inject Botox into their salivary glands. The effects can last two to three months.

(Source: WebMD)

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